How to play

Welcome to the Ignite Tournament!

This is our first tournament and your opportunity to learn, play and profit without the risk of losing!

Because, during the Ignite Tournament, everyone has 50% profit in all matches.

So take your chance and become the great Mafagafador while there's nothing stopping you!

What you need to play Mafagafo

- A MafaBox
The box (sold here) contains a brand new Mafagafo for you to use as your character and play your matches.

- A MafaTicket
The MafaTicket is your pass to enter a match. You can buy them in packs of 10 in the MafaStore.
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How to play

The Mafagafo Game is a online competition with two types of game modes.

➡️ Survival - The winner is the last Mafagafo standing.
➡️ Race - The winner is the first to cross the finish line.

But how do you control your Mafagafo?

W A S D (arrows) - Control the character
SPACE - Jump and glide (lowers the green bar on the right side)
SHIFT + SPACE - Belly Jump

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